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An Amazing Journey

| 13. Dezember 2011

This blog was originally intended to document my travels, but due to the financial crash of 2008 and various other developments in real life, my travels have been limited. Never mind. However, I can share with you what others have experienced on their travels, and helping telling the story and spreading the tale is beautiful […]

Joyeux anniversaire, Louis Daguerre!

| 18. November 2011

Today in 1787, Louis Daguerre, renowned French artist and physicist was born. He was a pioneer in the filed of photography and invented the technique bearing his name and which is well loved by Steampunks across the globe. So, today raise your glasses in memory of Louis Daguerre.  

All Quiet in the Living Room

| 8. Oktober 2011

Yesterday, Luna, the last of our rats, went to join the others. The picture above is almost exactly a year old. Luna passed away at the ripe old age of about two and a half years. We do not know how old she was exactly, she was a rescue-rat. The living room is now awfully […]

A message from John Sprocket

| 20. September 2011

Strange fluctuations in space and time. Only minutes after I finished yesterday’s article on Ghostfire, in which I mentioned The Cog is Dead, I got a message via æthermail. The message was from no other than the famed Captain John Sprocket of The Cog is Dead. He informed me of the completion of the band’s […]

Excellent Group Photograph

| 5. August 2011

Just found this wonderful Steampunk Star Wars Group Shot on Deviant Art. To be more specific, it is in the gallery of the excellent and well known Steampunk Lady Morluna. It is good to see so many skilled and crafty people in the scene. This is also a wonderful example of the cogs of the […]

Gründerzeit Summer

| 28. Juni 2011

Just wanted to share this photo I took this morning with you. I am not exactly sure whether or not the fountain is actually Gründerzeit, i.e. late Victorian, or from after World War II, but it is one beautiful shot none the less. I actually wanted to do a slightly longer post today but the […]

Sexy Steampunk Photoshoot

| 14. Mai 2011

There are far fewer Steampunks here in Germany than there are in North America or in my beloved United Kingdom. However, there are a number of very attractive ladies gracing the scene here. I have already mentioned Ophelia Overdose, the cover model of Carnal Machines. Now I would like to introduce you to yet another […]

Daguerreotype Cthulhu

| 13. Mai 2011

I’ve had this image in my collection for quite a while now. My speculation is it was Cthulhu’s dreams he sent that kept me from publishing it. Perhaps he is simply not quite comfortable in his new found role as a gentleman of leissure, yet. I guess that’s undertsandable. After being a cosmic horror for […]

Ghost caught on Camera

| 11. Mai 2011

Just a lucky snapshot I thought I share. This photo was taken with my digital camera, the only thing I did was put a sepia filter over it afterwards. Quite interesting effect, I think: especially considering the camera needs very little time to get an image ready.

Zeppelin Snapshot

| 25. April 2011

The weather over Easter has been excellent so far. Temperatures are more like middle of June than end of April. I am not complaining at all. Our little family obviously used the time off and the good weather for several walks in the sun. And it was during one of those (on Saturday, actually), that […]