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Urban Haiku – Poetry for the Metroplex

| 7. April 2014

Yesterday, I put my haiku collection Urban Haiku – Poetry for the Metroplex up on Amazon and for all of you who really dislike Amazon for some reason, it is also available for Nook. I feel a teeny tiny bit accomplished now, I never thought I would one day actually publish a book containing poetry, […]

Project Urban Haiku

| 22. März 2014

This is a little bit of a self-plug. Over the course of the last twelve months, I set myself the task of writing at least one haiku every day. Granted, I did not always manage, but I did my best to catch up when I had the time. The haikus I wrote primarily deal with […]

Wax Cylinder Recordings – The original Steampunk Music

| 5. Juni 2011

In our time, with digital downloads in various formats being readily available, one sometimes forgets or even does not know that it was not always thus. The older ones among us will still remember the days of the cassette player and the old vinyl records. The latter enjoying something of a renaissance right now. But […]