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Professor Elemental’s #ApeQuest – Lend your support!

| 9. September 2015

The honourable gentleman, scholar, rhymer and all around splendid fellow Professor Elemental is up to something again. As always, his trusted side-kick Geoffrey is by his side… No, wait, Geoffrey has been lost in space and time, but let the good Professor explain the situation himself: As a mad professor living in a tumbledown mansion […]

New Album: Professor Elemental – The Giddy Limit

| 19. Juni 2014

The most honourable, well-known gentleman and artist Professor Elemental has released another album: The Giddy Limit You can listen to snippets of the album right here: The Giddy Limit Please enjoy. And here’s the track All in together in full length, already an anthem, I think: All In Together by Professor Elemental And this is […]

The Curse of the Golden Frog by Professor Elemental

| 1. März 2013

The good Professor strikes again. This time he tells us about his latest adventure: He went to the deepest heart of some jungle well inside a white area on the map of the world to retrieve an ancient artifact. Please enjoy!

Review: Professor Elemental – Father of Invention

| 3. Dezember 2012

When I am not dressed up all Steampunk, I wear a lot of black. I also have rather long hair, and a Norse tattoo. I guess you get the message I want to convey. My kind of music is not necessarily hip-hop, not necessarily in deed. The other day, I was contacted by none other […]

Professor Elemental strikes again

| 27. November 2012

It is with great pleasure I present to you this newest of Professor Elemental’s masterpieces. I’m British Yes, in deed! In my case Nottingham forever, even when I’m far away!

Steampunk is SPLENDID!

| 5. Juli 2011

Today is Steamtuesday on Twitter. I guess I should have mentioned this earlier. Steamtuesday is Twitter’s  official Steampunk and love-sharing event by the Steampunk Twitter community. To find out more, here are the latest entries on Steamtuesday. There is quite a lot going on but most of the activity is generated on the westward side […]