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Captain Nemo dives again

| 17. Juli 2013

Some time ago already I came across this image on the ætherweb:   Excellent. I was most intrigued since in context it hinted at an independent project to turn 40,000 Leagues under the Sea into an animated movie. Best thing to do since my curiosity was kindled, was to contact the gentleman who posted it […]

The Marionette Unit – A Project on Hold

| 19. Dezember 2011

While scouting the ætherweb, as I do when I have the time, always on the lookout for oddities, marvels and the odd cryptid, I discovered this: The Marionette Unit – Inception Trailer from Fun Size Studios on Vimeo. I was quite intrigued by this rather harrowing trailer. Mad scientist, evil industrialist and damsel in distress, […]

Claudia Christian Goes Steampunk

| 12. Juni 2011

Remember Claudia Christian a.k.a. Commander Ivanova of Babylon 5? She is now involved in a Steampunk project. Yes, you got that right. Another Sci-Fi icon has picked up the Steampunk banner. The project in question is Æther Dancer, an independent production by a crew based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. But there is one catch: Since […]

The Infernal Device – Support this Steampunk Project!

| 18. April 2011

OK people, my friend Myke Amend and a few others have gotten together and started a massive art project: So, let us all band together and support the construction of this fabulous machine! Not only is it steampunk, it also runs on alternative energy sources! And you’ve got three ways of supporting: You can donate […]

Help fund a Steampunk Movie!

| 8. Dezember 2010

Alright, here is another project and cause to rally to! A Steampunk movie is in the early stages of planing but it needs our help. So, everybody, spread the word and if you are willing and able, donate! And now, let the mastermind behind Londinium tell you his story: I will keep you informed about […]

Featured Artist: Alex the Kid

| 15. Oktober 2010

Already quite a while back, I mentioned a Steampunk fashion show in New Zealand. Now, there’s more Steampunk coming to us from down under. This time, I want to point your inquisitive eyes and ears towards Alex the Kid, a really fresh and new Steampunk band with a sound I find quite appealing. To wet […]

Awesome Steampunk Halloween Project

| 24. September 2010

Sometimes you have to do something for your readers and I think, the endevour I will describe here now is well worth making public: Mr. Peter Montgomery wants to do something special this Halloween, he wants to put something in his yard that will, upon completion look something like this: And, Mr. Montgomery is no […]