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Curiosity celebratory post

| 6. August 2012

Today I feel great. Today is one of the days I will look back upon as proof that mankind can achieve great things when we put our hearts, minds and strength to it. The Mars Science Laboratory Mission (MSL) is a prime example of what comes out when we use our talents and (to quote […]

Support the SciFund Challenge! Mad Science Hurray!

| 3. Mai 2012

Today’s feature is for mad scientists and other future overlords of a more intellectual persuasion who do not have the funds to get started on their own. If the description above is all about you (yes, you!) then you should pay RocketHub a visit. This is all because RocketHub is currently partnering with the SciFund […]

The Quantum Physics of Genesis

| 8. November 2011

Nicely done. If the Bible would contain anything even remotely pertaining to the science in this image, some clear statement, I would consider devine inspiration. Alas, all you find are obscure, vaguely poetic verses.

Shout-out for the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

| 24. September 2011

Just a really quick post and shout out for the fabulous people from the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, because these girl and guys have something really epic going on right now: Right now and until 8 P.M. Eastern today, the SGU 24 hour live show is on. You can watch the live video, go […]

Time Travel and Ancient Egypt

| 31. August 2011

Here it is, positive proof of time travel: Just look at this picture, this is an actual set of hiroglyphs in or near Abydos, it is astounding! Upper left, there is a helicopter, to its right a battletank and below the tank, some type of bulky, almost egg-shaped, aircraft. Judging from the looks it is […]

Excuse me mankind, how about a reality check?

| 18. August 2011

This is a non-steapunk update, this is a rant. Did I miss the memo or what is going on here? According to my latest information, the category of creatures called demons are complete and utter fabrications. They are nothing more and nothing less then a form given to our primal fears. These forms were later […]

Phil Plait on spreading Skepticism

| 26. Juli 2011

Phil Plait is an astronomer, educator, pillar of the skeptic community, and blogger. He has some very good points to make on how to best tackle the problem of the spreading wave of pseudo science. Please enjoy the video: Phil Plait – Don’t Be A Dick from JREF on Vimeo.

The Cryptozoology Perspective

| 12. Juli 2011

Cryptozoology to me is one of the more fun, less controversial and less damaging areas of fringe science or pseudoscience (depending on your stance). After all: Cryptozoologist do not offer more or less useless advice on your life (like the people gazing into crystal balls do), peddle magic water (homeopaths) or drag you into weird […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Tesla

| 10. Juli 2011

Today in 1856 Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Nikola Tesla has become an icon of the Steampunk scene, Tesla Towers can be found at many of the bigger Steampunk events. Tesla is also rather popular in certain segments of the conspiracy theory subculture, a fact I find regretable. […]

Computing a Rosetta Stone for the Indus script

| 1. Juli 2011

I am fascinated by the ancient world and I have a particular interest in ancient languages.  This little presentation fills me with joy. Just take a look yourselves and be amazed! Three cheers for Dravidian Languages!