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The Non-Euclidean Æthercast 12: Atompunk and Cyberpunk

| 20. Januar 2013

Today’s podcast is all about Atompunk and Cyberpunk, the two genres following Dieselpunk in time. Atompunk is a relatively new and obscure offshoot of Cyberpunk and Cyberpunk is by now deeply enmeshed with reality. The Internet and the omnipresence of computers, combined with augmented reality have turned many visions of cyberpunk into reality. Cyberpunk is […]

Fantasy and almost reality

| 11. Dezember 2010

Once again I delve into the wonderful world of early jetplane designs. In this particular case, I showcase a completely fictional one and a project that never left the drawing-board. What connects them, other than being fantastic dieselpunk designs, is the language the designers spoke, French. The first is the beautiful Espadon fighter jet: It […]