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Review: Leviathans in the Clouds (Space: 1889 & Beyond)

| 6. Juni 2013

So here it is, Leviathans in the Clouds (Space: 1889 & Beyond Season Two), the second Space:1889 & Beyond tale set on Venus and I was a bit weary. After the horrific Nazi-stereotype parade that was Vandals on Venus I braced myself for impact. My fears were unfounded, I am glad to say. There is […]

Review – Mundus Cerialis (Space: 1889 & Beyond)

| 23. Januar 2013

The second series of Space: 1889 & Beyond continues with instalment two, Mundus Cerialis, and I have to say, it is disappointingly short. It was really good I had a lot of other things to do because otherwise I would have been through in about a day and a bit. The shortness is the only […]

Non-Euclidean Æthercast 8: Steampunk, Taliban, Cthulhu

| 30. Oktober 2012

  In today’s episode I talk about a wonderful documentary on Youtube: (all about EuroSteamCon) The fundraiser I started on IndieGoGo (which led to a bit of trouble. Chulhu’s influence around the world and Space: 1889 & Beyond in general. Please enjoy! And lest I forget, this is the interview I gave to Decimononic.  

Review: Space 1889 & Beyond – Conspiracy of Silence

| 20. Oktober 2012

Conspiracy of Silence, the first book in the second season of Space: 1889 & Beyond is thus far the one I found most challenging to read. The novel it starts so badly for our beloved pair of adventurers, Nathanial and Annabelle. They make it back to earth only to find themselves in the center of […]

Review: Space: 1889 & Beyond – Dark Side of Luna

| 8. August 2012

The final installment of the first series of Space: 1889 & Beyond and what a finale it is. Dark Side of Luna starts rather pleasantly with Nathanial and Annabelle stuck on board HMAS Sovereign and Nathanial in custody under suspicion of sabotage (a trumped-up charge, obviously) and Annabelle trying to convince everybody the charges are […]

The Space: 1889 & Beyond Season pass

| 3. August 2012

Well, I have posted a lot about Space:1889 & Beyond recently, and there is more to come, especially a review for Dark Side of Luna. Today’s news item is about a great deal for the entire second series of Space: 1889 & Beyond novels:   The season-pass is only available until August 15th – so […]

Space: 1889 & Beyond – Press Release

| 31. Juli 2012

  Coming mid-August 2012 The second exciting series of steampunk adventures! Everything Jules Verne should have written. Everything H.G. Wells could have written. Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of, but never published – because it was too fantastic!   Following on from the success of the first series, Untreed Reads Publishing is proud to present […]

Space: 1889 & Beyond “Conspiracy of Silence” out due mid-August

| 27. Juli 2012

The first installment of the second series of Space: 1889 & Beyond novels will be released mid-August. It is Conspiracy of Silence and features our beloved protagonists Annabelle and Nathaniel. This is the stunning cover: And this is the plot in a few words: For Nathanial Stone and Annabelle Somerset, the most harrowing journey has […]

Space: 1889 & Beyond Series Two

| 22. Juli 2012

… is almost upon us and they have got an updated and very neat logo: I will of course keep you posted as soon as the first novellas of the series are released. And talking of Space: 1889 & Beyond: The review of “Dark Side of Luna will hopefully be finished this week. Special message […]

Review: A Prince of Mars (Space 1889 & Beyond)

| 13. Mai 2012

The next instalment of the Space 1889 & Beyond series and I can say only one thing: The dive that was Vandals on Venus was used to build up momentum and now it is going full steam ahead. Abattoir in the Aether was already one great novella and A Prince of Mars by Frank Chadwick […]