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Featured Artist: Operational Gearbox

| 14. Oktober 2013

During my trip to Barcelona, I made contact with a number of Spanish artists, some of whom I will feature here starting right now with hopefully some more in the future. So let#s get started with Operational Gearbox In their own words: I’m an electronics technician by heart, raised by a family of teachers and […]

Spinelly Arianne Photographie – Why are Spaniards so awesome?

| 14. August 2013

Continuing yesterday’s theme of visual art, today’s featured artist is Spinelly Arianne Photographie. Spinelly Arianne Photographie came to my attention because a lot of photographs of the Barcelona Steampunc crowd are by her, and those blew me away. For one thing, the photographs are a lot more colourful than you regularly get with Steampunk-themed photographic […]

Steampunk Magic Book – The Fundraiser

| 9. Mai 2013

Alex of the Steampunk Magic Book (see below) got back to me and informed me he now has a fundraiser running to get the book in print. Concerning the fundraiser, I think it is most important to know that the art, all 48 pages of it, is already finished. The fundraiser is for the print […]

Spanish Steampunk Magic Book

| 29. April 2013

I have often times praised the Spanish Steampunk scene here on my blog. Our Spanish friends have created a scene that just keeps on creating. Case in point, Alex of Steampunkeye has created a Steampunk magic book, a work in progress and looking very promising: So, pay him a visit and check the site out (it […]