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Rest in Peace, Leonard Nimoy

| 27. Februar 2015

It is with a heavy heart I report the death of Leonard Nimoy. A living legend has passed on. We will remember him in our hearts, our minds and our souls. is deeply saddened to report the passing of Leonard Nimoy. The legend — an actor, writer, producer, director, poet, host, voiceover artist, photographer, […]

Happy Birthday Star Trek!

| 8. September 2012

It was the 8th of September 1966 when the most successful sci-fi franchise in the history of television (and later silver screen) first saw the light of the æther. So here is my little tribute: And for all those who wonder why the frequency of updates has decreased: There is this thing called real life […]

Happy Birthday, George Takei!

| 20. April 2012

George Takei, a.k.a. Captain Hikaru Sulu, has graced this planet for 75 years today. Apart from being one of the most recognisable sci-fi icons ever, Mr. Takei has also been active in politics. For his work concerning Japanese-US relations, he was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette, one of the […]

Uhura and Obama do the Vulcan Salut

| 4. April 2012

Looking at this picture, the nerd in me is doing an extensive happy dance. Can you imagine any other resident of the Oval Office being this epic? Actually, I can. My heavily biased list includes both Roosevelts, Eisenhower and Kennedy.

Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy

| 26. März 2011

March 1931 seems to have been a good month for living legends… After William Shatner, it is now Leonard Nimoy who is 80 years old. 80 years, still a young age for a Vulcan, I presume. Fascinating… So today, we raise our glasses to the actor who embodied one, if not the, most iconic alien […]

Happy Birthday, William Shatner

| 22. März 2011

William Shatner, a living legend, has graced this planet with his presence for 80 years now. Happy birthday! Of course, he is best remembered in his epic role as Captain James T. Kirk: Apart from his long and very successful career as an actor, William Shatner is also an author, director, horse-breeder and vocalist (?, […]