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Minutes at the Edge #10 – The Geeks Shall Inherit the Solar System

| 3. August 2015

Today’s episode of Minutes at the Edge is a very happy one. I talk about the New Horizon mission to Pluto, the discoveries made and the geek fest the people at NASA had naming the geological structures they found on Pluto and Charon. Please enjoy this shiny podcast!     And here are some links […]

Happy Birthday, Peter Cushing

| 27. Mai 2013

Grand Moff Tarkin Doctor Who Doctor Van Helsing Sherlock Holmes and many, many more. All these are names connected to Mr Peter Cushing, one of the great old men of British cinema. Although never quite as popular during his life time than Hammer Film co-star Christopher Lee (film adversary and real life friend) he has […]

May the 4th be with you!

| 4. Mai 2013

Not really Steampunk (and I am not really into Steampunk Star Wars either), but May the 4th is one of those geek holidays I observe. May the 4th be with you all!

The true reason why Britain ruled half the world in the 19th century

| 7. Oktober 2012

I knew it! All this talk about most vibrant economic power, brilliant military leaders and shrewd diplomats was nothing but a smoke-screen. The reason why Great Britain became the dominant power in the world in the 19th century is far more sinister and technologically advanced. Some genetic engineering was probably also involved. What it is I am […]

Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford!

| 13. Juli 2012

Harrison Ford has graced this planet with his presence for the past 70 years, now. His career has spanned almost six decades (56 years, as of 2012) and he is one, if not the, most iconic actor of his generation, portraying two of the most memorable movie characters of all time: Han Solo and Indiana […]

Towel Day and Star Wars Anniversary – GeekGasm!

| 25. Mai 2012

Today, due to a cosmic alignment of non-euclidean proportions, two geektastic reasons to celebrate fall on the same day! One is the ever popular Towel Day. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it stated with te untimely demise of Douglas Adams. Here is an in-depth explanation of this holiday: And, today, 35 years ago, […]

Ralph McQuarrie, May He Rest In The Force

| 4. März 2012

Ralph McQuarrie, the artist behind many of the character and other designs of the first three Star Wars Movies has passed away yesterday aged 82. Among his works are thecharacters Chewbacca and Darth Vader as well as the Storm Troopers. George Lucas himself had this to say about McQuarrie’s contribution to Star Wars: “His genial […]

Steampunked Sith

| 4. Februar 2012

Another one of these things I found on the web. Its path has been so winded, I could not find the artist who created it.

Noone beats Peter Cushing

| 1. September 2011

Hat-tip to Tee Morris of Ministry of Peculiar Occurences fame for bringing this to my attention: I guess this says it all. One badass gentleman in deed.

Too hot to blog

| 22. August 2011

It is really rather hot today.  Summer has finally arrived here – with a vengeance. So I cannot really spend much time on my blog. Later on, I shall also see if maybe a lion or a widebeest can be spotted on the horizon, during sunset… You know the kind of cheesy image you usually […]