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Pre-Release Book Feature: A Vanishing Glow by Alexis Radcliff

| 28. September 2015

Today’s book feature is a bit different from the others, because this time I asked the author, if she would like to be featured on my blog. I contacted Alexis Radcliff after reading a short description of her upcoming novel A Vanishing Glow on her personal website. A Vanishing Glow will be released on October […]

Steamfantasy – The Dwarves of Demrel

| 20. Mai 2015

Check this out: A very dark, gritty, and slightly steampunk looking fantasy movie about three dwarves trapped in a mine. The trailer alone got me hanging to the edge of my seat. Something sinister is going on in the depth of this mountain and the dwarves have more to face than claustrophobia and possible starvation: […]

Book Feature: Hand of Miriam

| 21. August 2014

As you might have noticed, the update frequency of this blog has declined in recent weeks. This is due to the fact that my studies have reached the exam phase and I want to be through with this ASAP. Which brings me to why today I publish a book feature and not a full review. […]

The Beast of Verant City – Kickstarter Campaign

| 23. Mai 2014

From the Steamfantasy side of things comes the following project for a webseries that I would like to bring to your attention today: The Beast of Verant City The Beast of Verant City is set in a fantastic world where the royal families of the Seven Great Nations possess magical abilities derived from the stars. […]

Cloud Raiders – Featured Game and Raffle

| 12. April 2014

May I point your esteemed attention to a little Android game by the name of Cloud Raiders? It is a strategy game on the steamfantasy side of things, dragons, airships, skypirates, and from the looks of it, cute graphics and a lot of action, it could be tremendous fun to play. The ratings on the […]