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Cross-Post from the Gatehouse Gazette

| 29. August 2013

Hilde Heyvaert, one of my best and oldest friends in the Steampunk scene, has published a most excellent article/rant over at The Gatehouse. With her permission, I am cross-posting it here, because it beautifully captures another one of those weird attitudes you find in our scene. Some people really have a desperate need to be […]

Steampunk is REALLY going mainstream in 2013, says IBM

| 17. Januar 2013

After already sharing a link concerning the matter on Facebook two days ago, I did a little more reading up and of course went to the official-press release, which can be found here: IBM Social Sentiment Index Predicts New Retail A brief excerpt: ARMONK, N.Y. – 14 Jan 2013: National Retail Federation Convention – Based […]

German Steampunk Crowdfunding Project

| 29. November 2012

Even though this part of the blog is not directly targeted at the German Steampunk crowd, it is targeted at the international crowd, I do not want to withhold this project from you: The most excellent gentleman Mr. Olaf Heitmann has started a splendid crowd funding project concerning an illustrated guide to Steampunk, a German […]

Non-Euclidean Æthercast Episode 9: We can’t be everywhere

| 25. November 2012

Today is all about the fact that we as a scene and especially those of us who run the better known websites cannot be everywhere. Things will be overlooked, events will not be featured for the simple fact that people do not get around to doing a feature. There is no ill will involved, seriously. […]

And this is why Nature hates You!

| 26. März 2012

You know, so many people say this world is beautiful. Look at it: It is filled with life. There is life everywhere. Is life not beautiful? Well, I guess I have news for you: 99% of all species that have ever, ever, lived on earth, have died out. Some of the one’s that survived a […]

Please do not define!

| 24. Januar 2012

Yesterday, two very dear fellow Steampunks and me got together to chat about a joint project and we made a list about what could go into the project. During the chat we also found out we had differing definitions of what each one considered to be Steampunk music, literature and so on. To point this […]

Shoutout for Captain von Pumpernickel

| 15. Dezember 2011

Isabella von Pumpernickel has posted this excellent piece over at Doctor Fantastique’s site. It concerns the constructed moral panic of the Guardians of true Steampunk who are trying to scuttle their own ship and thus depriving themselves of a Reson d’Etre. But why should elitists be rational? Anyway, please saunter over and enjoy!

A message from Abney Park’s Captain Robert

| 10. Dezember 2011

Captain Robert of Abney Park posted this just about an hour ago on his Facebook Wall: To those bitching about Steampunk going mainstream, I have one thing to say: It isn’t a revolution, if you don’t plan to change the world. And along the same line, check out this blog post by my friend Tee […]

Justin Bieber goes Steampunk?

| 28. Oktober 2011

Nemo malus felix… I have hardly recovered from this rather drastic bout of influenza, along comes the next thing that send me reeling: Justin Bieber is using steampunk gear in his latest video/photo shoot: The image came to me via æthermail, it is also already making the rounds in the usual virtual gathering places. I […]

Hej, Polsko Steampunks

| 25. August 2011

Jak dowiedzieliśmy sie niedawno, Steampunk jest bardzo EDIT: popularny w Polsce (was, erroniously: popularna w Polska). And because I do not speak Polish (except for a few things like “dzień dobry” and “Piwo prosze”) I had to use Google Translate to get the title and the first sentence. I appologize for any mistakes in there, […]