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Electric Cars are so Dieselpunk

| 17. September 2011

Electric or at least hybrid cars are becoming fashionable these days. Rising concerns for the environment, improvement in battery technology and the realization our oil reserves will not last forever have all contributed to the rapid development of electric cars in the last few years. I was therefor quite surprized to learn of an interesting […]

An inspirational Video about recycling Ideas

| 21. Juni 2011

Happy Solstice everybody! As Steampunks, we are used to the notion of things and ideas being recycable. After all, to a degree modern Steampunk is Sci-Fi, Victoriana and the ideas first formulated by Verne and Wells recycled; mixed with a pinch of cultural criticism, counterculture and whatever else you like to add. Recycling of ideas […]

Dieselpunk hits Reality

| 11. Juni 2011

This post is brought to you courtesy of Dirk de Beer who wrote to me in response to my Creative Uses for Airships post. I mentioned the need to develop aircraft detection technology real fast and Dirk pointed me towards a site that has splendid examples of just that. To be more precise, the examples […]

Wax Cylinder Recordings – The original Steampunk Music

| 5. Juni 2011

In our time, with digital downloads in various formats being readily available, one sometimes forgets or even does not know that it was not always thus. The older ones among us will still remember the days of the cassette player and the old vinyl records. The latter enjoying something of a renaissance right now. But […]

World War II Codebreaking Machine Restored

| 27. Mai 2011

This news item lets the little Dieselpunk in me jump with joy: The National Museum of Computing has finished restoring a Tunny machine, an allied cypher breaker of World War II. The really infuriating thing about the matter: They basically had to rebuild the whole apparatus from scratch. Most machines had been recycled and/or canibalized […]

The Infernal Device – Support this Steampunk Project!

| 18. April 2011

OK people, my friend Myke Amend and a few others have gotten together and started a massive art project: So, let us all band together and support the construction of this fabulous machine! Not only is it steampunk, it also runs on alternative energy sources! And you’ve got three ways of supporting: You can donate […]

The Kalinin K-7 Bomber

| 1. Februar 2011

I guess most of us have heard of and some have even seen the B-17 Flying Fortress and the B-29 Superfortress. Fewer may have heard of the Kalinin K-7. The Kalinin K-7 was an early 1930’s Soviet Russian design for a bomber aircraft with a possible civilian configuaration. As you can see in the photograph […]

Tesla Gun and Halitosis

| 7. August 2010

Commuting to work every morning holds some terrors I have thus far not reckoned with. Well, it is the time of the summer holidays in Germany now, so the train is actually quite empty in the morning and I can pretty much sit by myself. However, the people at Deutsche Bahn in their infinite wisdom […]

The Difference Engine

| 14. Juni 2010

Another Steampunk Holiday! Today in 1822 Charles Babbage submitted a paper to the Royal Society in which he described his now famed difference engine. This most marvellous exampel of 19th century high-tech has since become a staple and icon of the Steampunk community. Just imagine what could have happened, if it would have been finished […]

Tackling winter – Dieselpunk style

| 3. Juni 2010

What a wonderful machine this is (also seems to be original footage): Yes, there obviously were dieselpunk mechanics and engineers around, back in the days…