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The Cog is Dead – Savior of the Skies

| 23. April 2014

Ah, found a link to The Cog is Dead latest video in my ætherbox and of course I had to share it with you lovely people, so here it is:  

Review: The Cog is Dead – Full Steam Ahead

| 13. Juli 2013

Oh my! The Cog is Dead have released their second album, Full Steam Ahead, and I have the pleasure of reviewing it. The Cog is Dead made a big splash with their debut, Steam Powered Stories, so my first reaction to the new album was: “Let’s see if they can keep the level they set with […]

The Cog is Dead – Savior of the Skies

| 14. Dezember 2011

Some people simply have all the talent!

A message from John Sprocket

| 20. September 2011

Strange fluctuations in space and time. Only minutes after I finished yesterday’s article on Ghostfire, in which I mentioned The Cog is Dead, I got a message via æthermail. The message was from no other than the famed Captain John Sprocket of The Cog is Dead. He informed me of the completion of the band’s […]

Featured Artist and Review: The Cog is Dead – Steam Powered Stories

| 5. Mai 2010

Just last week, Captain John Sproket of The Cog is Dead contacted me via æthermail and inquiered whether I would be interested in reviewing their debut album, Steam Powered Stories: Why me? Am I actually that prominent or did Tom Slatter refer them or what is going on…? Anyway… Looking back now, I guess I […]