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The Adventures of Felix Blithedale

| 22. Februar 2014

Another of those excellent things that came in through the ætherbox: The adventures of Felix Blithedale, a brand-new steampunkish and highly entertaining webseries. Hopeful inventor, Felix Blithedale records his misadventures from his basement lab in San Francisco Circa 1903 Felix Blithedale is the inventor of the Mata-phono-cine-gramma-graph. and other… things… yet to be determined. This […]

Steampunk Alchemist – An Italian Webseries

| 31. Januar 2014

The Steampunk webserieses in Europe are blooming at the moment. After Aether Affairs (see below) here comes another one: Steampunk Alchemist from Italy. The webseries has been around for some time already and features several short episodes (somewhere between ten and two minutes each). Interestingly, it is done in a pseudo-early-motuion-picture-style, i.e. somewhat hasty motion […]

Progress – A Gothic Steampunk Webseries

| 5. Oktober 2013

May I point your esteemed attention to this brand-new Steampunk/Gothic webseries: Progress Progress is a ten episode webseries, set in an alternative Victorian England, which has a steam-powered Internet and Jack the Ripper is posting his crimes on the same. It’s a Holmes-esque cyber-thriller and a game of riddles to decipher the identity of the […]

Doctor Who and Firefly in a Steampunk Webseries?

| 9. August 2013

That at least is one of the features of a planned Steampunk webseries by the name of TINKERS. The press release for TINKERS sounds intriguing and has quite a list of names attached to it: Prepare for a high-flying steampunk adventure in this all-new sci-fi/fantasy series about a pair of talented inventors called, the TINKERS. […]

The Crypto-Historians: A new Steampunk web series

| 10. Januar 2013

This just came in through the ætherbox A NEW “STEAMPUNK” (TV/WEB) SERIES “THE CRYPTO-HISTORIANS” -Our future is in their hands!- Science fiction writer and war veteran Jimmy Diggs has written more episodes of “Star Trek” than any other freelance writer in the history of the franchise and has been called, “the Jackie Robinson of ‘Star […]

Dirigible Days MINISODE – The Ship Christening

| 28. August 2012

A bit outside the story line, but incredibly helpful to pass the time unitl the next episode:

Dirigible Days – Episode One just out on the Ætherweb

| 7. August 2012

Here it is the long awaited first episode of Dirigible Days, and it has a Cthulhu Cultist villain in it! Excitement! And the captain has a Gatling gun for an arm, how epic is that! So without further ado, please enjoy:

Dirigible Days – Steampunk Webseries with Cthulhu Cultists

| 4. Februar 2012

Look what devious, unnamable thing was delivered into my ætherbox:     Now is this one epic piece of a teaser-video or what? Not only is it Steampunk, no, there is a Cthulhu Cultist on board! Let us hope and pray to the Great Old Ones  Dirigible Days takes off. I have already signaled my […]

The Mercury Men

| 15. September 2011

My good friend Timo just brought this little ætherweb gem to my attention: The Mercury Men   Good job I mentioned Atompunk just two days ago, this fits the bill, somewhat. The Mercury Men is quite a cool mix and new take on several genres. Jack Yaeger looks and acts like a pulp novel hero […]