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Rest in Peace, H.R. Giger

| 13. Mai 2014

H.R. Giger, iconic Swiss artist and creator of the quintessential killing machine, the Xenomorph, has passed away yesterday afternoon after suffering an accident, he was 74 years old. Without Giger, modern science fiction and horror alike would be very different. He has influenced the imagination of many, including Ridley Scott and Jonathan Davies (Korn frontman).

Chestbursters and Zombies: A match made in some bizarre heaven?

| 5. März 2013

There are some questions people do not like to ask. Others are too horrific to be even considered by sane minds. Well, since I am on the mad scientist side of life, or fancy myself to be there anyway, I guess that counts, I can consider the following: Let us presume the following. There is […]