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Happy Solstice everybody!

| 21. Dezember 2013

Today is Winter Solstice, Yule, and just in time for the festival, the lovely people over at Screen Novelties have sent me this cute animated short to share, enjoy! Original art by  

Merry Christmas, Yule, Saturnalia and so on, everybody!

| 24. Dezember 2012

Another year has almost passed, it was quite an eventful one here at The Traveler’s Steampunk Blog. We got the European Steampunk Convention going, I published a book with Alex from Clockworker and the two of us got Pip Ballentine and Tee Morris to give us an interview for our respective podcasts. Speaking of which, […]

The Historical Truth

| 26. Dezember 2011

Yes, just to point it out, long before Christianity reared its (by now unfortunately rather ugly) head, there were other gods having a major holiday around this time of year, so I give you some alternatives:     Happy Solstice everybody!  

Office Party Win!

| 23. Dezember 2011

So two days ago, we had our company christmas party. Quite a great evening. It was the best office party I have been to since I left Games Workshop in 2000 (nothing beats a party at Bugman’s Bar). One of the highlights was one of my colleagues doing some magic tricks (he is in fact […]

Winter Solstice – Have a cool Yule!

| 21. Dezember 2011

Today is Winter Solstice, a.k.a. Yule (among others). I am on the road and cannot celebrate this day with my family. In case you wonder, I am actually celebrating Yule, I’m a heathen. So instead, I have to put this off until tomorrow and leave you with this video of last year’s winter solstice:   […]

A Very Steampunk Christmas: The Men That WIll Not Be Blamed For Nothing: UNOFFICIAL VIDEO

| 4. Dezember 2011

Help a fellow Steampunk (and please retweet)

| 21. Dezember 2010

Hello all. This is important, a fellow Steampunk is in need so let’s all band together and help him out. So this is what it is all about: The gentleman on the right is, Jordan. He’s not only a great guy with a wife and kid, but he also runs the steampunk/alternative music label Sepiachord. […]