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Zeppelin over Madrid

| 29. April 2012

Cudos to Decimononic for sharing this lovely Zeppelin image. I have to say, though, it looks manipulated. Never mind. Steampunk largely is fiction, so visual fiction is just fine.

This one is all about readers’ feedback

| 8. September 2011

A Story in Pictures

| 3. September 2011

Hello everybody, I just wanted to give you a quick update about what will be happening over the next few days and I have collected a few images to tell you a story, but I will be brief. I sincerely hope the story is comprehensable, the images I chose are clear enough, Ithink. Anyway, here […]

Reichsflugscheibe and Zeppelin

| 8. August 2011

I really dislike people faking photographs and pretending things happened that actually never did. I mean, just  look at this one: There are several things wrong with this picture: Obviously, the shadow the Reichsflugscheibe is casting is far too small. The propulsion system of the Reichsflugscheibe would never had allowed it to get that close […]

Historic Zeppelin Postcard

| 29. Juli 2011

Again it has been a while since I last posted something about Zeppelins. A shame, really. This time the image I want to share with you is from a historic postcard. I may be mistaken but the city forming the background for LZ-129 Hindenburg in this image is Frankfurt. I am happy to be corrected, […]

Zeppelin Snapshot

| 25. April 2011

The weather over Easter has been excellent so far. Temperatures are more like middle of June than end of April. I am not complaining at all. Our little family obviously used the time off and the good weather for several walks in the sun. And it was during one of those (on Saturday, actually), that […]

Another Zeppelin Image – After a long gap!

| 1. April 2011

It has been a while since I posted a Zeppelin image. Shame on me. I used to do it far more regularly. But, never fear! Here is another one and I hope there will not be another huge gap before I post the next one:

A Zeppelin made of Words

| 21. Januar 2011

This is the content of this blog, brought into the form of something vaguely resembling a Zeppelin built from the most common tags and words I use:

Amazing historical Photograph

| 8. Oktober 2010

My sincerest thanks and kindest regards once again to Luftschiffharry for sending me this terrific scan of an actual historical photograph: Schütte-Lanz Luftschiff SL 20 and König class battleship Großer Kurfürst, most likely during or just before Operation Albion in 1917. I do not think this is a propaganda photograph but who knows. In any […]

Some more on the Ratte

| 26. Juli 2010

While skimming across the waves of the Æthernet in my relentless search for blogging-material I came across yet another artist’s impression of the Landkreuzer Ratte: Excellent work, Cudos to Von Brrr. Von Brrr also has a number of other impressions of experimental vehicles in his gallery, so take a look. And another thing which makes me […]