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Steampunk Novel Excerpt

| 31. Juli 2011

I have been writing a Steampunk novel on and off for over a year now. More often than not, life, family, the day job interfered with my progress goals but recently, I was able to make some progress. The novel is still far from finished and at the current rate, I guess it will take […]

Creative Uses for Airships

| 9. Juni 2011

As I have already posted over on my German blog, I attended a 1930’s themed party in Munich in April. Among the features of the event was a casino and I actually won enough at the blackjack table for me and my friends to win a bottle of whiskey after we pooled our chips but […]

A collection turning into a uniform

| 17. Februar 2011

Right, I am a self-confessed Zeppelin aficionado and I have a nice if rather small collection of Zeppelin paraphrenalia. In particular it appears small compared to the amounts of material collected by my friend Luftschiffharry (you find him in my links to the right). In any case, I am now actually able to dress up […]

Lovett: Something Steampunk this Way Cometh

| 2. Februar 2011

Some more music for you: Lovett is going to release the album Highway Collection on March 15th. Still a bit in the future, I know. The reason why I am telling you this: As of today the video Eye of the Storm is available on AOL spinner. The corresponding single is taken from this album. […]

Review: Riese: Battle for Eleysia

| 20. November 2010

As promised, here is my review of Riese: Battle for Eleysia, the official Riese: Kingdom Falling iPhone/iPod Touch game. Where shall I start? I have been waiting for a Riese: Kingdom Falling game ever since the series first premiered as Riese the Series on Youtube, back in the day… Then, after Ryan Copple sent the […]

A Pocket Zeppelin

| 28. Oktober 2010

This time, I have to thank both of my main contributors of material to this blog, Timo and Luftschiffharry. Within almost exactly three hours of one another they send me a link via æthermail. They both do not know each other, so this was not a orchastrated event. What they had to show me was […]

Hobbies and Jobs for Steampunks

| 5. September 2010

Granted, the topic of this post pushes against the boundaries of what is healthy quite violently, but I guess more than a few of us have thought about really appropriate jobs and hobbies for Steampunks (and obviously Dieselpunks). It is all a question about how far you want to carry your lifestyle. The trouble is, […]

LZ 10 Schwaben

| 12. August 2010

Since my current place of residence, Augsburg, is situated in the region of Swabia, German: Schwaben, so it is only good and proper I do a little article on LZ 10 Schwaben, the first Zeppelin in commercial use: LZ 10 Schwaben was not only the first commercially used Zeppelin, it was also the first passenger […]

Another Zeppelin Image

| 4. März 2010

In the good tradition of this blog, here’s another Zeppelin image I recently found on the Ætherweb: If someone could tell me, what the name of the artist is, I would be most grateful. On a completely different note: Today is the day when back in 1922 Nosferatu´, this early masterpiece of Horror entertainment, came […]

LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin – Original Footage

| 15. Februar 2010

The blessings of the ætherweb, I just found anothe video on the LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin, please enjoy! It’s from a original newsreel: